Tumblr added a new feature a few minutes ago called Notes. This tracks who reblogged what. In other words, memetic lineage is now tracked automatically. Here is what excites me about this:

  1. People get credit for things they created and promoted.
  2. I can see who reblogs my stuff.
  3. It is now easy to meaningfully discover new Tumblelogs.

Note to non-Tumblr users: Notes only appear in your Dashboard. Your Dashboard is the homepage which shows everything you’ve posted to your own tumblelog, as well as what your friends have posted to theirs. It’s like an RSS aggregator. 

It’s a joy to be in the Tumblr offices (even though I’m not working on Tumblr). Like at Vimeo, I’m surrounded by intelligent people, which is the only way I can live sanely.

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I love this new feature too. So damn cool!