Noncompete Agreements Are The DRM Of Human Capital

That is the title of a Mike Masnick’s post on TechDirt today. It’s a follow up to my weekend post and has some very interesting data on how non-compete clauses have impacted the Boston and surrounding market over time.

Additionally, Mike also goes on to compare non-competes to digital rights management (DRM) technology. Here’s one quote from his post on the comparison

“While it may seem easier to "protect” your ideas and your people, what you really end up doing is blocking off your own access to many of the ideas that you need to continue to innovate. You limit the vital mix of ideas to build not just decent products, but great products. Just as DRM has helped to destroy the record labels when competing against more nimble, more open technology – noncompetes destroy businesses when competing against more nimble, more open technology clusters.“

Great post Mike. Please read the full post here before you agree or disagree with Mike’s assertion. Thanks!