The Tumblr community

One of the things I really like about Tumblr is the vibrant community.

For example, Tumblepedia was created by Cameron Hunt. Cameron doesn’t work for Tumblr but he’s a big part of the community. Tumblepedia is a very helpful site with and also has some very cool Tumblr themes. 

I’m finding more and more tumblelog’s that I enjoy, like Bill Israel’s tumblelog. It turns out he’s a very active part of the community as well. He has created some beautiful Tumblr themes. We’ve never met but I reached out to Bill last week and he returned my email right away. He has been simply amazing & helpful to me personally.  And I want to thank him. My tumblelog is based on his design.

And then there is Daniel Ha. Some folks have told me that they don’t want to use Tumblr because the current version doesn’t have comments. Well my tumblelog has comments because it’s very easy to integrate the Disqus commenting service. Daniel Ha is the founder of Disqus and he tumbles at ObscurelyFamous.  And he’s another person that I’m thankful to have met.

The Tumblr community rocks.