I’m now Tumbling

I met David Karp last year. He was helping out a number of folks create, design and develop their web properties. We started spending more time earlier this year when we made our investment in Next New Networks. David had been helping Fred Seibert (cofounder of NNN) for years

At that time David also showed me his latest creation – Tumblr. And since then we’ve gotten to know each other and I started to really love what Tumblr was all about. Tumblr makes blogging super simple. And you can create a tumblelog just by linking & sharing in addition to a “traditional” blog posts like this one. If you have found blogging to exhausting but love the idea then give Tumblr a try. It’s a lot of fun.

Some great examples of tumblelogs powered by Tumblr include:

Fred Wilson
Jake Jarvis
Jakob Lodwick
Kevin Rose
David Karp
Marco Arment
Andrew Parker 

By early fall, David decided to create Tumblr Inc and spend his time building out the service. We recently invested in the company along with our friends at Union Square Ventures, John Borthwick, Fred Seibert, Jakob Lodwick and Albert Wenger.

David is gearing up for a new release of Tumblr on November 1st and the new stuff looks fantastic.

And I’m now tumbling as well. So this will most likely be my last post on typepad.

Please check out my new site at www.bijansabet.com from now on. And I hope to see you on Tumblr too.

(note: If you are subscribing to his feed then you don’t have to make any changes to your reader. This feed will now grab my new site. Thanks to Brad Feld and David for the tip on how to do this. If you aren’t reading this feed than subscribe now :)