Tumblr 3.0 is alive

David and Marco flipped the switch and launched Tumblr 3.0 today.

It’s a beautiful upgrade and the amount of new capabilities is truly stunning. (Yes, yes. I’m biased. I’m a user and an investor.) For a complete overview of Tumblr 3.0 check out David’s post here.

My favorite things in v3.0 include:

  • amazing new UI
  • easy Disqus integration
  • mp3 posting support
  • auto format/sizing for video and photos
  • and a killer Tumblr archive feature. Check out bijansabet.com/archive

Tumblr is the easiest way to blog and share your interests. The Tumblr bookmarklet is addictive because it’s crazy easy. My friend Prashant tried blogging on traditional platforms and claims that he’s not a “real blogger”. I know the feeling. Traditonal blogging can be too hard. I’m glad he’s using Tumblr because his tumblelog is wonderful.

Congrats to David and Marco. They worked an insane amount of hours getting this out the door and it paid off.