So, what does your dad do?

Lauren and I went to the Open House at Sophia & Ellie’s school last night.

Sophia’s teacher told us that many kids surprisingly don’t actually know what their father or mother’s profession is all about. That is, they may know that their dad or mom is a lawyer, but what does he/she do all day? Or what does a venture capitalist do all day?

He asked for volunteers to come in on a Friday morning and explain what we actually do. So, I signed up. I think it will be fun. My day is in a few weeks.

Maybe i’ll have the kids come up with startup ideas. Like a junior version of Y combinator day by 8year olds. No holds barred.

One thing I learned from coaching 3rd grade soccer is that I better prepare for this. Or these kids will eat me alive.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

So, what does your dad do?