Why I blog?

Scott Kirsner has an article in the Boston Globe today about venture capitalists that blog and don’t blog.

I’m quoted in the piece along with other VC friends of mine. Scott also follows up his article with a post on his personal blog, Innovation Economy. In his follow up, he has a video with me and some other folks on the subject too.


First and foremost, I don’t consider myself a “VC blogger”. I don’t talk about venture capital/business exclusively. Or even most of the time. Those that read/interact with this blog know that. This blog is about me. All of me – work, personal, family, everything.

My blog is about getting my thoughts, observations & interests down on digital ink. But this blog is also about the feedback from you all. The conversation is a big reason why I keep blogging. The feedback comes in so many different ways. Sometimes its a link from another blog. Sometimes it’s when I meet someone in person that has read my blog. Or I’ll get an IM or Twitter after a post. Mostly I get email feedback & less frequently I will get comments after a post. And I’m learning along the way.

The new friends I discovered thru blogging has been wonderful. Even better are the existing “offline” friendships that have deepened in a special way.

Why do I blog?

I blog because I love it.

Why I blog?