Ellie’s message

My Ellie (5) lost another tooth yesterday.

She called my cell phone to let me know the exciting news. But I missed the call.

My voicemail is automatically transcribed by Simulscribe and sent as an email.

Here’s the message. That Ellie is so cute.


From: mailbox@my.simulscribe.com <mailbox@my.simulscribe.com>
To: Bijan Sabet
Sent: Fri Sep 14 16:50:14 2007
Subject: SimulScribe from (978) 443-7181 at 04:43PM 09/14/2007
Hi daddy.  It’s (Elli?).  Just wanted to tell you that my tooth came
out.  I’m very excited.  So, I really wanna know when you come home
tonight because I really have a special thing, it’s called a tooth that I lost and mom pulled it out.  It was super fun and I was smiling and
it was bleeding and that’s it.  I love you.  Bye daddy.  Bye.  Bye
daddy.  Bye daddy.  I love you daddy.  Bye.  Ciao.

Ellie’s message