Anguilla, revisited

It’s impossible to get a feel for a place after just one visit.

And that was certainly true when it came to our experience with Anguilla. We made our first trip in 2016. It was a short visit and we were all much younger then. And we stayed in a big hotel and pretty much spent our days at the hotel pool and beach.

This time we rented a house for two weeks. It was away from the hotels. We rented a car and explored the island almost every day. Each beach and area of the island has something unique to offer. Each neighborhood has its own personality. A little bakery in an unlikely spot. Or a food truck with the best Johnny cakes imaginable. Or a set of swings that appeared out of nowhere. A favorite bbq place only open a few seemingly random days a week.

During our trip, we met a number of folks that return to Anguilla year after year, for decades. I totally get it.

(Cameras: Hasselblad 503cw, Contax T3 | Film: Kodak Portra 400 and Kodak Tri-X 400 | Lab: FW Photo Lab in Texas)

3 thoughts on “Anguilla, revisited

  1. Hi Bijan. This is a nice set! You have a good idea for color as well as B/W. I see you are using a different lab. Maybe you have been for a bit? Has a darker more contrast look than Richards. Is that intentional?

    1. Thanks. Glad you like the photographs. Yes very different look between these two labs. I’m also using a Noritsu scanner at FW Photo Lab and a Frontier at RIchard Photo Lab.

      1. I have my work scanned on a Noritsu at the Find lab. I’ve worked with them to get a look I like, which would be called the pastel “Portra look.” What’s interesting is how much the scan affects the look, even more than the film sometimes.

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