Hi. This morning I felt the desire to start typing again into my little blog.

Been thinking about some things to write down "publicly" lately. So this post is just going to be a random collection of a few things I’ve been reflecting on in no particular order.

1/ Leaving Tumblr for WordPress.

WordPress has been way more stable for me, and I love all the flexibility I have with WordPress. But the editor is so heavy and clunky to use. I really hope that WordPress delivers on a modern, lightweight editor. And I dearly miss being part of the Tumblr community.

2/ Echo chamber vs the mute button.

There is well understood move within our collective social media experience that many follow. We connect and follow folks that we instinctively agree with. As a result, we put ourselves into an echo chamber, and little diversity of thought pierce through. Well, last year, I started following many folks that represent the other end of the political spectrum in an attempt to leave my little echo chamber. I did it for a year. And last week, I either unfollowed or hit the mute button on nearly all of them. I just couldn’t take the "pandemic will be over in 90 days" predictions every month, or an obsession about crime in their city without dealing with the underlying causes, or a lack of outrage about the poor vs bad faith arguments about "socialism." I find Twitter much better following people I genuinely like.

3/ Life changes during a pandemic.

One thing I’ve noticed with my friends, family, and professional colleagues is how many folks are taking a deep look into their lives and making a change. My friend Jerry calls this radical self-inquiry which I’ll leave for a future post. I’ve seen folks leave their marriage. Others have left their firms — including ones they started. Others, taking a break. Others getting taking care of their bodies. Others signing up and committing to therapy. Founders steeping down from the CEO role. This pandemic has created space to deeply reflect on how we want to spend our time on this planet. I have also made some big decisions about how I want to work going forward, which will be very different than I anticipated just a year ago.

Ok, that’s all for now. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

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