VCs are open for business but it’s a new world

The kids are off from school so last week we left the country to a pretty remote location in attempt to isolate and frankly relax. But it was getting quite clear that with each day life was rapidly changing and I was concerned the borders would close up quickly. So we changed plans, came back home Tuesday night and will self quarantine for 14 days (I’m sure it will extend longer). So far we all feel healthy except for the occasional psychosomatic symptoms.

Our firm is open during this period. And I can see that most of my time is going to be focused on companies that we have already backed. Many/most are going through some form of crisis and will need the most support and attention.

We are also looking at new investment opportunities for sure. I was DMing with a good friend yesterday (he’s also a venture capitalist) about the idea of investing millions of dollars into new investments when the only contact has been via Zoom (ie without in person meetings). His response: we are in a new world and we need to adapt. It makes total sense and he’s right of  course. But it will be a massive adjustment for entrepreneurs and investors alike. Maybe it lead to more time, relationship building, mutual understanding and due diligence which would be a good thing (the prior pace didn’t feel comfortable either to be honest).

So the work continues. It’s actually a productive way to keep sane during such a somber and critical time.

Stay home everyone but stay connected. Being physically apart doesn’t mean we need to be socially apart.