Social media in these times

I’ve always been inspired how the internet and social media has connected us in such a meaningful way. Yes, it can be extremely messy and it has genuine flaws for sure.

But our social media is also proving to be such a vital part of life. Providing critically important news & information, the status of loved ones and allowing us to stay connected digitally during these times where we must avoid each other physically.

I’m seeing so much generosity and creativity as well. My friend Dick Costolo is providing meals to 40 families a night, every night. Others are creating apps to help local merchants stay afloat. Funds are being raised for food banks. Our shared human existence is on full display and we all need to lean in if it all possible.

The last few days I was moved by Chris Martin and John Legend‘s IG stories. They each had private live concerts from their own house. You could feel their concern about humanity and the power of music to help us in times like these. Legend’s cover of Bridge Over Troubled Waters gave me chills. What a treasure.