Beyond Facebook for photographers

It’s a reoccurring message.

Photographer friends of mine are moving on from Facebook and feeling social media fatigue. My friend Om recently wrote about giving Flickr another chance. And Jakob is leaving social platforms and returning to his blog.

I get it, although I’m not there. I do feel fatigue at times and as a result I deleted my Facebook account completely last month. I still participate on Instagram and my beloved Twitter most days. I feel like the value of community is very much worth it for me. But I am careful about who I choose to follow and engage with. And I’m paying more attention to my usage with screen time.

One thing I do feel is under appreciated in this online discussion about photography are photography books. Five years ago my bookcase had very few photography books. Today I have a few dozens, ranging from photo books created by friends of mine to the iconic books from Robert Frank and HCB. Last week, my friends Johnny and Rebecca Patience sent me A Life In Pictures featuring Steve McCurry’s work. It’s an absolutely a joy.

So if you find yourself a little tired of online life, get to your bookstore and pick up a few photo books. You will be glad you did.