A quiet house

These days our house is quiet.

My oldest left for her second year in college.

Our other daughter is studying overseas for the fall semester of her junior year in high school

So it’s me, Lauren and James. Going from 5 people all summer to 3 may not sound like a big difference. Buts it’s a massive one to me.

And I miss those girls more than I could possibly imagine.

I am so proud of them both and happy they are trying new things way outside their comfort zone. They are having ups and downs on a weekly and sometimes even on a daily basis. And while my instinct is to swoop in tell some jokes and/or try and solve the problem. But I’m learning to take a breath and just letting then air it out with me.

I never really imagined what being a parent would be like when the kids move out. But I’m getting a taste for it now and while I’m happy for them, I’m not happy for me.