My favorite way to get around

If you asked me a few years ago, what is my favorite way to get around a city or a town, I probably would have said by foot if I have the time or Uber if I need to get somewhere in a hurry. 

These days the answer is quite different. 

I got a Boosted Board a few months back. It’s an electric skateboard that goes 20mph. It’s a little heavy so carrying it around is a thing. And it can be a little scary if you haven’t ridden a skateboard. But I grew up skating so adjusting to the Boosted Board just fine. The Boosted is a lot of fun and I use it several days a week around Boston. 

We just received two Copenhagen Wheel and bikes at our house. I have had an early bike in my office (disclosure: we are investors) but this was the first time family and friends could try it out as well. 

My wife rode one for the first time today, her response at the end of the 5 mile trip to grab lunch: “Now that is some crazy shit”, as she said with a big smile on her face. She absolutely loved it. 

These bikes go up to 25 miles an hour and you feel completely in control the whole time. The whole experience is smooth and natural. It’s just like riding a bike! You can cover a lot of miles without breaking a sweat. And it’s a total blast. 

If you are looking for a fun way to get around your city without breaking a sweat or paying for a gas guzzling Uber/taxi, I highly suggest giving these products a look.