The two things I’d love to see in a future version of Lightroom for iOS

I’ve been a loyal Adobe Lightroom user on the desktop for many years now. All of my photos are stored in Lightroom (and then backed up on a local NAS and to Crashplan). 

I have become an iPad Pro user when I’m on the go, instead of relying on MacOS. 

Lightroom for iOS has come a long way. It’s fast and has so many incredible features. In fact, the mobile version of Lightroom is more enjoyable than the cluttered desktop version. 

But it’s missing two features. One is little, the other is a biggie. 

Adobe should add preset sync across their mobile and desktop products. It’s a little odd they don’t do that at this point and it’s such low hanging fruit. 

The big one is that they should do photo backup and sync. Full photo back up like iCloud Photos or Google Photos with intelligent device storage and file streaming on demand. Right now the workflow for photographers that use Lightroom with iCloud Photos or Google Photos is just too awkward.

Apple is charging $9/mo for 2TB. I’m guessing Adobe’s customers would pay even more.