Love Switzerland

The first time i visited Switzerland was two years ago. My wife and I spent a week traveling the country by train for our anniversary. It was a wonderful trip.

Today we are traveling back from Greece to Boston. We had a 5 hour layover in Zurich.

My wife said, “let’s get of the airport and take the kids into Zurich and grab lunch”.


So once we landed, we dropped off our backpacks in a locker in Terminal 3 and jumped on the express train to Zurich HB.

Ten minutes later, we were out strolling along the river and walked into a wonderful spot for lunch.

After lunch we took our time and walked back to the train — and exactly ten minutes later we were back in Terminal 3. We picked up our belongings and now I’m sitting at the gate waiting to board our flight home.

I am not sure how many other cities in the world would allow for such a nice way to spend a 5 hour connection.

I love Switzerland.

(please excuse any typos. Wrote this post on my phone)