The zen feeling of shooting film on vacation

As our kids have gotten older and we have taken more trips together, I’ve been mindful of the amount of stuff we bring along on each trip.

The amount of cables, chargers, computers and phones have grown significantly since each of our kids have joined the connected world.

We try to limit our connected time while we are traveling. A little bit in the morning and then a little in the evening. Nothing crazy.

My photography love affair was starting to become a personal distraction.

I would take a photos during the day and then I would post process them each day on the trip. Mostly to review the shots I made but also to avoid the photos piling up for a bigger “job” at the end of the trip.

Massive time suck.

For the last few years I have been mainly shooting film. I like the process and I like the look of film so much.

A few years ago I made my first vacation shooting filmexclusively except for a few iPhone snaps.

And I’m doing the same thing on this trip.

Shooting film on vacation is so very zen. There is no daily post processing burden. And there are no SD cards, dongles, or back up drives. I didn’t even bring a laptop or iPad either.

I’m just making photos and putting the exposed film in a big ziplock bag. I’ll send it off to Richard Photo Lab in California when I’m back.

So liberating.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all the camera gear and processing, just give the analog photography a try. You might just love it.

I know I do.

(please excuse any typos. wrote this post on my iphone)