Switzerland, day 4

The train from Lucerne to Wengen was unlike any other I have ever experienced. Previously Lauren thought she would take a nap and I half expected to read the latest Kinfolk issue in my backpack. But neither happened. For the entire trip we were fixated by the green fields, rivers, lakes and mountains that gave us quite a show as our train moved along from one town to the next. 

I tried to take a few photographs with my film camera on the train but it was challenging with the window/glare. The window did come down to leave a 6 inch opening at the top and Lauren captured this on her iPhone as we approached Wengen. 

The train station in Wengen is adorable as is the bright yellow train that brought us here when we made the transfer in Interlaken. When you depart the train in Wengen you are in the center of this little village at about 4.1k feet above sea level. The valley is below your feet and is stunning. Look up and you can see Jungfrau which I’ve been staring at seemingly non stop. As we crossed the little square we stumbled upon this outside cafe and had our espresso drinks and had an apple strudel. Our waiter was from England. He has been here 21 years and doesn’t plan to go back. 

Afterwards, we walked to our hotel. We checked in, dropped off our bags and went exploring. 

It is very much the off season here in Wengen. Many shops are closed as we are in between their popular ski season and the summer seasons. While it was a pure accident on our part, I’m happy to appreciate this place without the crowds. They don’t allow cars in this town. I love that.

It’s now just before 9am. Lauren is still asleep. I think we are going to try and rent bikes today after breakfast. 

I took this photograph with my iphone. It’s a view from our room just now as I write this post.