Switzerland, Day 3

Yesterday we took the 12:05pm boat from Weggis to Lucerne for the day. And it left the dock at exactly 12:05pm. The Swiss attention to detail is extraordinary.

Foursquare has been really fantastic along this trip. We had a late lunch at Brasserie Bodu because I saw my friend Roger left a great tip. The food was delicious and their outside seating is in a lovely square with a beautiful old church. From the table you can catch a view of the river down a stone staircase. It is also a great people watching spot. 

After lunch we spent the afternoon exploring some more. We went well beyond the touristy shops near the river. It was nice to see all the quiet streets and bicycles lined up everywhere. The people here are so kind. Each cafe or shop has a friendly face and a warm conversation. 

One of my favorite things to see are all the children return home for lunch every day to be with their families before returning to school for the afternoon. The older ones sit outside with friends exchanging stories and a laugh with fresh bread in hand. 

By early evening the sky grew extremely dark so jumped on the 6:12pm ferry back to our hotel in Weggis (yes, it left at 6:12pm). It only rained for 10minutes or so and then two rainbows appeared that went completely across the width of Lake Lucern. My iPhone photo didn’t capture what we saw with our eyes and hearts. 

When we returned to Weggis, the rain had completely stopped and the warm weather returned. We enjoyed our first Hugo before dinner and experienced some amazing Swiss cheese. Our favorite was the heuboden. 

The sun finally disappeared by 9:30pm and by then the moon was big and bright. The lake’s surface was sparkling with moonlight. It looked magical. 

Today we are leaving and taking the train south to the Interlaken area. 

* * * 

I am starting to feel a little awkward tweeting my daily journal from Switzerland. I’m still planning on writing about our days but I won’t be tweeting a daily link in case it is annoying some of my followers. But for those that feel otherwise, feel free to come back to my blog anytime :)