It’s Christmas morning here in New Zealand. James was a bit anxious about being away Christmas morning. Would Santa still find him?

The only thing we could think of was to write Santa and tell him what’s going on in advance. And wouldn’t you know, Santa came a few days before we left. Good old Santa.

It’s a bit funny being away from the cold this time of year. We do try to our best to get away from it but at the same time to hear holiday music in shorts feels so strange to me still after all these years.

Right now the clock says 7am local time. I’ve been up for hours as my body still hasn’t fully adjusted to all the time zones we crossed.

I’m going to go get some coffee (“flat whites”) for me and lauren and then tackle the kids in bed to wake them up so we can find out what this day has in store for us.

Merry Christmas everyone!

* * *
I’ve been shooting film mostly on this trip so it will take some time before I have photos to share. I took this one of a lovely beach near the place we are staying