“You want to meet some folks for dinner you never met before in person on our vacation? Okay”

That was Lauren’s response when I suggested meeting Johnny and Rebecca Patience during our trip to Ireland.

I first came upon Johnny and Rebecca through their blogs (his/hers) when I was researching medium format film photography. It was clear they were both exceedingly talented but also kind with their time helping other photographers. I started following them on twitter (his/hers) and they followed me back and we started to connect.

When we met for dinner at a restaurant in Cork a few weeks ago it was like sitting down with old friends. There was so much familiarity & it was so great to exchange stories, laughs and dreams.

I’m grateful that my new friends Johnny and Rebecca are as kind in person as they are online.

I took this quick snap that wasn’t very good by any technical measure which is slightly embarrassing given the company — but a warm reminder of a wonderful evening.

ps: oh and by the way today is Rebecca’s birthday. Happy birthday Rebecca!