“Why do you take photographs?”

I was talking to an entrepreneur earlier today who has built a popular iOS camera app. And he asked me why I take photographs.

For me, it really started with the iPhone 4. That phone had a stunning camera that went with me everywhere and anywhere. But the iPhone also came with all these other capabilities as well.  

It’s embarrassing to admit but I would text or email while walking down the street. I was that guy. Or make phone calls walking down the street. I would walk and breathe but I didn’t see or feel my surroundings. My phone would often disconnect me from my surroundings. 

Once I fell for making photographs, all of that changed.

I don’t walk down the street sending text messages. I open my eyes and look around. Taking it all in the best that I can and if I find something beautiful, or interesting, or some light beam anywhere or a smile, then I’ll make the photograph and keep it forever. 

Why do you take photographs?