Startup Audacity

It takes a lot of guts to quit your job or drop out of school and start a company.

It doesn’t matter what type of company, the act of leaving the safe and known for the unknown, that leap of faith, is a big deal.

I like being in the leap of faith business. Anything is possible.

I always get a thrill about hearing about audacious ideas. We have many audacious ideas in our portfolio. I’m grateful about that. 

(But I don’t want to flog our investments, so I’ll talk about other people’s investments and ideas. )

Imagine, someone telling you that they were going to build a beautiful thermostat. That’s startup audacity. 

It’s one of those things that either the super rich automate or everyone else just buys a simple thing at home depot.

But then someone comes along and decides that the status quo sucks. And they create Nest

I love that. (full disclosure: i’m not an investor in Nest but I have a good friend that works there. I’m so excited for him).

Another story. 

When I left SF and moved to Boston, one of the first people I met was Nabeel. I met him because he had cofounded a company called Ambient Devices. I had previously bought the their first product, the Ambient Orb and fell in love with it. Simple, beautiful and connected to the web. 

I can only imagine how much of a challenge it was to build a company around a connected device that we all take for granted. I device that shows the weather ? Yes, really. 

Anyway, I didn’t know anyone at the company but I looked them up and discovered they were in Cambridge. I sent them an email and professed my love and that’s how I met Nabeel (since then we’ve been fast friends). 

Audacious ideas. Make stuff better.


Yeah, me too.