Two of my favorite apps just got better

(I’m writing this post on my iPad on a plane from LGA to BOS. So I will make it short and sweet. Please excuse any typos)

Last week, two of my favorite apps saw big updates:

1. Bump

Bump is this cool app for the iPhone and Android that allows users to fist bump while holding their devices and exchange data. I’ve been using the app since day 1 as a fun way to exchange contact info. I rarely if ever carry around business cards so the bump has always come in handy.

The latest version of Bump is killer. First it has a brand new user interface that is a joy to use. Yesterday Lauren bumped me a bunch of photos from her phone and it worked like a charm. The new version also allows you to compare schedules which is a dream.

One of the my favorite things about the new Bump is that it also provides a persistent connection with someone after you physically bump them. Send messages, exchange photos, calendar etc. I can see so many uses for this – the opportunity is incredible.

2. SaneBox

I’ve written about SaneBox before. Simply put, sanebox makes gmail better. It automatically examines your gmail interactions essentially ranks them behind the scenes. Then it labels them into different groups – stuff from important folks, stuff from less important folks, and bulk. It works on the web and also all the email clients I use including iPad and iPhone. 

Last week i tried out a new feature. I changed my default gmail inbox to the sanebox “important friends/family/contacts” setting so now my important folks are in my gmail inbox. All other emails are sent to a @sanebox/later folder….which I can read …. later. :)

So now my inbox is filled with stuff from the most important people in my life. It also includes replies to emails I send. It’s been a game changer for me.

(updated this post with links and a few additions based on some offline questions I received)