Last Monday, we heard terrible news. 

A good friend’s daughter was diagnosed with cancer. The girl is just 8 years old. It started with a fever that wouldn’t quit and after much testing they figured it out. She started chemotherapy last Wednesday.

This family is one of the most caring bunch of people you have ever met. In fact, they were the first people we met when we moved here in 2001. Lauren met the mother in a playground when our oldest was 2.5yrs old at the time. 

We were in shock and then extreme sadness. We think about her every day and throughout the day. Lauren went to the hospital three times last week. On Friday, Lauren brought our daughter Ellie who is close friends with the girl. There have been moments during the week where Lauren and I just look at each other and we both start to well up and we just stop talking. 

RIght now, everyone is doing their best to be supportive and helpful to the family. It’s nice to see the community of friends and loved ones kick in. You can see everyone determined to stay confident that this little girl is going to beat this.

We just know she will.