Off the high speed grid

So the place we are staying at in mexico doesn’t have high speed data working in the rooms. They are supposed to have it but they don’t. I have a strong feeling lauren had something to do with that:) .

That means I won’t be able to post any songs or reblog while I’m here all week.

Some of you may have noticed that I posted a song yesterday. I created that post a few days ago and scheduled it for yesterday. That’s a feature that I’ve been testing out on tumblr lately although its not generally available yet.

You will also see a song on the 18th too (that’s my wedding anniversary). I uploaded that one about a week ago.

We are having fun on the beach. Very relaxing and the weather has been incredible.

I’ll post some more pix soon.

In the meantime I’m still adjusting to life without my macbook on the grid.

(Pls excus typos and poor writing. Wrote this on my blackberry).