My favorite mobile phone

Over the past year or so there have been a number of mobile phones that have captured a huge amount of attention.

Consider the marketing campaigns supporting the iphone 3g, blackberry bold and the Google Android.

But last week another phone was released to the public. And it didn’t get nearly as much attention. Its the next generation Blackberry Curve. RIM calls it the Blackberry 8900.

Right now tmobile is the only US carrier offering this phone. But I’m on att so I had to buy an unlocked version.

I’m writing this post on the 8900 (pls excuse any typos) so I can’t link to their site but this thing is already my favorite phone. Ever.

  1. The keyboard is amazing. Superior to the iphone or Bold. I will definitely defend my Wallstrip Blackberry Champion title if there is ever a rematch :).

  2. The screen is stunning. Much higher res than the Bold.

  3. Apps. I still lust over a number of iphone apps but I’m loving the apps that I’ve installed on the 8900. I’ve got Bit.lify, google maps w/latitude, and flickr so far. Still hoping/praying for a tweetie like app for the bberry but in the meantime I’m happy with Dabr (mobile web site).

  4. Networking. This phone has bluetooth and wifi. But here’s the catch: no 3g. I may be in denial mode but I’m fine with edge and wifi. Maybe that is because att’s 3g network isn’t that great in reality.

  5. Form factor. This is the best form factor out there right now in my opinion. Small, thin and looks great. The only pain is putting in the memory card but for me that’s a one time setup thing.

  6. Camera. The 3.2mp camera blows away the camera on the old curve and bold. I’m not sure how it compares to the iphone camera. My canon point and shoot camera is going to see even less use now. That’s for sure.

I’m really happy with this phone. RIM has a winner on their hands.