Weezer cover Radiohead’s Creep, live in Portland from Dave Allen on Vimeo.

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Weezer and Weezer fans perform a cover of Radiohead’s “Creep.”

Some people bitch about how Radiohead rarely perform this song anymore. Personally, perhaps selfishly, I think that’s kinda bullshit cos they DO play it, I’ve seen them perform it five or six times between 1997 and 2003. They play it about as often as any band on their seventh album should feel they have to play a song from their first record. Either way, they don’t really NEED to play it. It’s out there, it belongs to the world. It’s the song everyone covers, it’s the one that’s always at karaoke. It doesn’t really belong to them anymore, you know? It’s not as though they haven’t given their fans dozens of other reasons to come to their shows.

This was the first song I played on Rock Band. It does belong to all of us now.

Great video.