I’m discovering some incredible new tumblelogs thanks to Tumblr’s Notes feature. You find something cool in your Dashboard, then click “…and 10 other people…” and it shows you the whole “viral story” of the item.
So, if you go back to the first person who posted it, you usually find yourself on a pretty interesting blog.
As far as I know, this is a web first. It reminds me of discovering Jonathan Abrams’ Friendster profile by starting with a random person, clicking on their ‘oldest’ friend, all the way to the source. Except this is much, much more interesting.
(Abrams’ user id was 101) 
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Reblogging has always been one of my favorite things about Tumblr. But quietly David & Marco at Tumblr added new rebloging functionality to Tumblr this week.

If you are a Tumblr user, you do most everything either from the Tumblr Dashboard or using the Tumblr bookmarklet. I’ve written about the bookmarklet in a previous post.

But the Dashboard now shows you who has reblogged your posts as well as who was the original person who posted a particular post.

And that alone is a big deal and important. It is a brand new way to discover interesting & super rich content.  Jakob is so right when he says “this is a web first”. I agree and I love this.

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