Heather Cox Richardson take on the Texas anti-abortion law

I highly encourage you to subscribe to Heather Cox Richardson’s daily newsletter, Letters from an American. Professor Richardson’s take on current events and then tying them to historical significance is unique, insightful and compelling. Yesterday she wrote about how the Texas anti-abortion law is not just about abortion.

This is the foundation for today’s “originalists” on the court. They are trying to erase the era of legislation and legal decisions that constructed our modern nation. If the government is as limited as they say, it cannot regulate business. It cannot provide a social safety net or promote infrastructure, both things that cost tax dollars and, in the case of infrastructure, take lucrative opportunities from private businesses. It cannot protect the rights of minorities or women.

Heather Cox Richardson, Letters from an American

The Supreme Court allowed this Texas law to stand. It’s a step back for our nation and our women. And with a 5-4 decision it is tragic that the last US President, who lost the 2016 popular vote, can pack the highest court with 3 appointees. Yes, this is a broken system which leads to horrible outcomes.

There is a lot to do. The first thing I did is donate to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. The DSCC is the best way to help get more Democrats in the United States Senate which is critical in so many ways, including Supreme Court appointments.

Please join me and spread the word.

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