Notes from the weekend

We went on a hike this weekend with some friends in New Hampshire. Laughter filled the trails as we caught up on old and new stories. The sky was blue and while plenty of snow and ice swept the landscape, the weather even at 38 degrees felt mild as compared to previous days. One couldn’t help but take in season’s change and appreciate that Spring is around the corner. A season for optimism.

Speaking of optamism. There has been much written about the problems with vaccine distribution in the United States and all the flaws at the state level. And it’s true there have been so many issues ranging from equity to education to tech infrastructure. But things are getting better, much better in fact. Over 70% of our oldest population are now vaccinated. And on Friday alone, just about 3M adults were vaccinated in the United States. Clearly a long way to go but that is remarkable.

* * *

I’ve started writing in my personal paper journal again. I had stopped for two reasons. 1/ I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of others reading it when I leave this world and 2/ I didn’t want to be so attached to certain memories or moments that I’m struggling with.

So I’m keeping my new journal entries much more succinct and honestly, positive in nature. Each day I write down three things I’m grateful for and three things that surprised me. Some of those journal entries sometimes lead to blog posts as it turns out :)

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