President-elect Joe Biden!

The day after Trump was sworn into office, our family joined hundreds of thousands of other protestors at the Women’s March in Washington DC on January 21, 2017. According to Wikipedia, it was the largest single day protest in American History.

It was inspiring to participate in such a huge diverse gathering of people standing shoulder to shoulder in unity. And since that day, we have witnessed something so powerful. We have seen community organizers, donors, activists, and every day citizens stand up and stand tall creating a massive Blue Wave in the 2018 mid terms and carrying this energy and commitment to the Presidential 2020 election.

This week has been so intense to say the least. I don’t have the words to fully capture what I’m feeling. I cried when Biden was declared the President-elect yesterday morning. I watched as a proud American when Vice President-elect Harris and President-elect Biden’s gave their heartfelt speeches in Delaware last night. I am super confident that a Biden/Harris administration will help build our country back morally, ethically, economically and compassionately.

Last night I slept more than I did the prior 4 days combined. And today, I am just happy.