From the creator of Sparrow, a new app called Beam is coming soon

As most folks know, when iPhone first shipped there were only apps created by Apple. The App Store wouldn’t arrive until about a year later. And even then, apps that directly competed with Apple’s apps were far and few between. And users had to deal with either poorly implemented web apps or Apple’s apps for critical things like email.

By 2011 or so, a new app called Sparrow launched on the Mac and then iPhone. Sparrow was a thoughtful, beautiful app that delivered a powerful and yet simple approach to mail. Like so many others, I was taken with Sparrow and it quickly became my default client. Eventually, Google acquired Sparrow and the app was no more.

Earlier this year I was introduced to Dom Leca, the creator of Sparrow. Dom told us about his vision for a new app called Beam. A few weeks later, my partners and I made an offer to lead the seed round in the company. Dom and Sebastian Metrot have been working on building the initial team and the first version of Beam. While they aren’t ready to fully disclose the product today, you can read about their vision in their paper and join the beta.

I’m really excited about Beam and can’t wait for you all to try it.