The story behind this photograph

Lauren meeting Vice President Joe Biden, 2019.

Here’s a little story behind this photograph of my wife and Joe Biden

During the Democratic primary season my wife and I attended a number of events to see the various politicians that sought the highest office in our nation. All of them were quite compelling for a variety of reasons.

Last summer there was a Joe Biden event down the road from our house in Nantucket and so we went. At one point, we are introduced and my wife says, “Hi, I’m Lauren Regan (her maiden name) I think you knew my dad”

Literally, in less than second the Vice President beamed, held Lauren’s hands and said “Oh my god, your Denny’s daughter”. Then he went on to say he recently drove by their old family home in Wilmington and asked about Lauren’s mom. I grabbed my phone and took this photo.

Now Lauren’s dad was the former police chief in Wilmington, Delaware. But he died suddenly and much too early at age 50 back in 1993. A long time ago. The VP knew it was a tragic loss for Lauren and her family. You could see it in his eyes.

We only had a few moments with Joe Biden as a line was forming behind us with various folks that wanted his attention. But it was a moment I won’t forget.

The man is all heart.