Flawed like the rest of us

For those that casually know me or know me personally, it’s no secret that I’m a Democrat and aligned with progressive issues.

And I am all in on the upcoming United States presidential election. I have made several financial pledges to the Biden campaign and the DNC, and we will continue to do more.

For some, getting involved in this election is obvious. The current US President is incompetent and corrupt. We all know countless examples, and I’m sure it’s all just the tip of the iceberg.

For others, the presidential election is met with cynicism. “Donating to this campaign won’t make a difference“. Or “Joe Biden is flawed because of xyz”.

With regards to the first point, does your vote and donation matter? I would humbly submit that your vote and donation matters a great deal. Recall that the current President lost the popular vote by millions of less votes nationally, — and yet still won the highest office because he won by a tiny amount of votes in just three states.

The second point is even more critical. Yes, Joe Biden is flawed. He made mistakes during his time in the Senate and the White House. And yes, Biden has made mistakes on the campaign trail and guess what? He will continue to make mistakes.

But here’s the thing. I believe Vice President Joe Biden is running for President for the love of his country and for all Americans. His mission and vision is well aligned with progressive issues around healthcare, civil rights, education, and the environment. Under his presidency we will have a historic woman Vice President and Supreme Court that isn’t beholden. Joe Biden has demonstrated a heart felt empathy and care for those most in need. I sincerely believe that is his motivation for getting back into politics.

The current President doesn’t have that same motivation. He doesn’t care about most Americans and certainly doesn’t care about the most vulnerable and in need. He lacks empathy and understanding. In fact, it’s pretty obvious he truly own cares about his own self-interest and the most powerful amongst us.

I implore you to get involved in this campaign. Be an influential force with your family, neighbors and community. Get others committed to vote. Create a chain reaction. And critically, I encourage you to please make a donation to the Biden campaign, of any size.

This election will be the most important one in our lifetime. Yes, Biden is flawed. Just like the rest of us.