Zooming every day but miss the eye contact

Like so many people, I’m spending much of my day on a video conference for work or to catch up with loved ones.

I’m super grateful for Zoom for building an incredible video conferencing system. It is helping the world at such a critical time.

And while I have a bunch of feature requests that I’ll save for likely a future post, the biggest thing lacking with video conferencing is the lack of eye contact. I really miss the eye contact that we naturally experience with in physical, in person encounters.

Last year, Apple was testing a feature to “fix” this camera location issue in software but never launched it. It has some creepy implications for sure, but I hope this sort of thing becomes available as an option soon.

We are going to be sheltering in place for a long time and I could use some eye contact.

Please consider donating to the health care workers in NYC that need your help right now with meals and resources.