An afternoon drive

Yesterday, Lauren and I went for an afternoon drive. We had no destination and we didn’t even get out of the car as we are still in a 14 day self quarantine following our out of country trip. I think we drove for a few hours in all.

It was pretty surreal. The sky was blue. Daffodils are blooming. Folks playing with their kids in their yard. Loved ones were going for walks. People on bikes and keeping a safe distance from each other.

One one hand, it felt somber. A heaviness in the air because of the reality the world is facing with this horrific virus.

And yet, it was a beautiful sign of humanity. Every day people living their lives and living in the moment. With their kids, with each other, or just taking wonder of a crisp gorgeous day.

I have two suggestions for today.

Call someone you haven’t talked to live in a month. It could be family, a friend, a colleague. Make it a live call and not a text.

And second, Stuart Butterfield and his wife Jen Rubio are matching all donations 5:1 up to $1MM to a number of important non profits. Consider donating any amount if you are able.