Personally, 2019

I have been journaling more this year — not every day be any means but more than in past years. So it’s a bit easier to look back and scan the pages of my handwritten scribble and get a sense of the year.

And like other years, 2019 was filled with ups and downs. Good days and bad days.

But it felt as a whole, a healthier year. A year that felt more in balance and without less thrashing during the bad days.

We are going through some big changes on the home front. Our oldest is in college and next fall, our middle child will head to New Orleans to begin her college journey. So at home, we will be 3 instead of 5 every day. And that will bring about a whole new experience for sure.

I keep making photographs with mixed emotions. Just like my personal life in 2019, my photographs were a mix of good ones and bad ones. I try not to let the bad ones break my desire, passion and confidence.

I decided to start a 365 photography project. I’m did one a few years back and missed several months of daily photos along the way. I wasn’t happy with the project and took down the blog that hosted the work. I’m hoping this time I can really stick with it. I started it a few days ago, specifically on December 1st. I’ll start sharing them on a new blog starting on January 1, 2020. A new photograph taken each day on an old Leica camera with black and white film.

I suspect there will be good ones and bad ones.

And the beat goes on.