A new episode of Hallway Chat

Nabeel and I started our little podcast when we were both working out of the same office at Spark and would spend time in between meetings in the hallway chatting about things on our mind. We hit the record button and made our first podcast seven years ago.

Our recording schedule has been ad hoc to say the least but I’m happy we still do it from time to time. Yesterday we sat down and recorded our 31st episode of Hallway Chat. As usual we started talking and just hit the record button. Sorry about the audio quality, I didn’t have my good microphone with me. Anyway, here is the two of us talking about things on our minds lately including:

-is VC pattern recognition actually valuable
-what does the decline of the iPhone mean to Apple’s future
-the potential for single purpose electronics
-challenging the dogma of “winner takes all” markets in startups.

Hope you like it and please send us tweets (@bijan or @nabeel) with suggestions for a future episode :)