What’s in my bag, Alaska edition.

I just returned from a 2 week, off the grid trip to Alaska.

When my film comes back from the lab, I’ll share a post with photographs and thoughts of the trip itself. In the meantime, here’s my first attempt at a what’s in my bag post.

(sorry for the lack of photos of the gear itself. I’m feeling a little under the weather today and thought some text was better than nothing).

Backpack: Peak Design Everyday 30L. I was impressed with this bag. I took it everywhere and it worked well on some super long hikes. I should have brought a rain cover since the bag isn’t really waterproof. But I got lucky and avoided any real problems.

Headphones: Sony M3. They have a longer name but that’s what I call them. They are awesome. Super comfortable, great sound and they charge via usb c.

Cameras: Leica M3 and a Hasseleblad 503cw. I brought two lenses for the Leica, a 50mm Summicron and a 90mm Summicron. For the Hassy, I brought the 80mm/2.8 Zeiss Plannar.

Film: Kodak Portra 400 and Tr-X 400.

Laptop: None. Instead I brought an iPad Pro 11″ with keyboard. I love this thing.

Battery pack: Anker PowerCore.

Phone: iPhone XS.

Books: A heart full of peace by Joseph Goldstein. It was a gift from my wife and a perfect place to read this short but powerful book. I also read about half of Small Pleasures which is a collection of short essays on appreciating every day moments.

Music: I knew I was going to have little to no internet access so I downloaded a bunch of my playlists from Spotify in advance. I enjoyed the silence of Alaska more than blasting tunes. But when I listened to music, it was often M. Ward.

Notebook: Field Notes, to journal the trip and a few of these Zebra Sarasa pens.

Special mention: I didn’t plan on bringing our binoculars but Lauren did and this was such a great decision. If you go to Alaska, bring binoculars. Game changer.