Thank you, Andrew Parker

Andrew wrote a post yesterday about leaving Spark Capital.

While this was known to many of us for the last few months, seeing the words written out yesterday made it real I suppose.

I first met Andrew when he was an associate at Union Square Ventures. We worked together on the Tumblr investment and also another company called Bug Labs. Both in NYC.

A few years later when Andrew called me to say he was leaving USV/NYC and heading to Boston because of his wife’s medical residency program. I am pretty sure we made him an offer on the spot. If not, maybe a few minutes later.

He introduced me to Joel Spolsky which led to our investment in Stack Overflow and Trello. Andrew also led our investment in Carta as well as many other extraordinary companies.

From the earliest days at Spark, Andrew always made it his work to serve the entrepreneur and to be a guiding light at our firm.

Over the last decade of working with him, I know Andrew to be one of the smartest and more importantly finest people I know. I am grateful to call him my partner and will always be part of Spark.

Thank you, Andrew for everything.