Super quick initial thoughts on iPhone X

My iPhone arrived first thing this morning. I got the white model. 

So I’ve only been using it for a few hours but here are some super quick initial thoughts. 

This thing feels so small. Even with a case it feels tiny compared to my iPhone 7 Plus. 

This new edge to edge OLED screen is stunning.

Developers will have to modify their apps to take advantage of the iPhone X display and the much written about “top notch”.  Naturally, Apple has updated their stock apps. Many of my favorite apps by big companies have updated their apps for launch day (Twitter, Uber, Slack, Tumblr, YouTube, Dropbox). I’m super impressed that so many of my favorite indie developers have already done so, including Overcast, Dark Sky, Fantastical, 1password, Todoist. There are still plenty of important apps that will have to update their apps — I’m looking at you Spotify, Trello, Google Maps & Google iOS, I’m optimistic this will happen in short order. 

I already adore FaceID. It’s crazy fast and feels like a game changer. 

Okay, that’s all for now. Feel free to send me tweets @bijan if you have any questions. 

Update, Nov 6: So my only real gripe with the iPhone X is the vibrate mode is way too soft for my taste. It feels like a soft version of the Apple Watch tap feature. Almost makes owning a watch essential now if you tend to turn your iPhone to silent mode and want to feel incoming texts.