Why I’m a Patriots fan

In our house, the biggest fan of the New England Patriots is our oldest child, Sophia. She watches every game from start to finish. And she always sits in the same seat in our family room. To say she’s a superstitious fan is an understatement. 

This fall Sophia moved out of the house and headed off to college — and the Patriots lost their season opener. 

I got a text during the game from Sophia that said, “you know why they are losing, right?”.

I knew exactly what she meant. She wasn’t watching the game from home. It turns out I was thinking the same thing. 

This past weekend, Sophia was home. She had been really sick and decided to come home to get some rest and TLC. I felt bad she was under the weather but it was nice to have her back.

Yesterday we watched the Pats beat the Saints. She was sitting in her usual spot and she was happy watching her team win again. 

I like watching football and I like the Patriots. But the real reason I’m a Pats fan is really because I have so many memories of me and that kid cheering on Brady and team over the years. That’s what we do together and we did it again yesterday.