What a difference a decade makes

In just a few weeks, our little firm will reach our 12th year anniversary. I’ll probably write a post about that work birthday as the day approaches.

At the time, I was an Apple user with my trusted MacBook Pro. And on that computer, I had a number of installed desktop applications like Skype, Photoshop and of course the suite of Microsoft apps in Office. Along with a Blackberry. 

Just two years later, Apple introduced the iPhone and everything changed.

We ended up dropping Microsoft Exchange and switched to Gmail at work. We ditched our trusted Blackberries and went to the iPhone to check out this brave new world. I still kept using the MacBook Pro and subsequent models although I stopped using desktop apps for the most part.

A few weeks ago, my son’s school sent us an email saying he needs a laptop to start the 6th grade in the fall. Instead of buying him a laptop, I’m gave him mine.

And instead of getting myself a new laptop, I picked up a new iPad Pro with the Apple Smart keyboard. I do have an iMac on my desk. But I really don’t find it as enjoyable as iOS. And iOS 11 looks amazing. 

I’m really loving this iPad. The new 10.5″ screen is stunning. Apple’s iOS 11 is going to turbo charge this thing. And I am enjoying the pencil quite a bit. The only funky thing is the keyboard but I suspect in a few weeks I don’t even notice. it. 

For mobile, I’m all iOS. What a difference a decade makes.