Hello. It’s me again.

I have been using Tumblr for well over 10 years. And I mostly check my Tumblr dashboard every day because it’s an awesome blend of great art, music, opinions, and photographs. 

As you might have noticed I haven’t been posting much. I don’t know why exactly. I’m sure I can come up with lots of excuses. 

But I have been going through a funk of sorts. The last one was about 5 years ago. Lots of stuff going on right now. 

-A few very close family members and friends are fighting cancer. It really sucks. I wake up every morning thinking about them and go to bed each night thinking about them. And during the day I try to send positive vibes. 

-My oldest daughter graduated high school last week. I’m very excited for her but it’s obvious our family is going to go through real changes. We are soon leaving for a family trip but I can tell the days of the 5 of us traveling together will likely be less and less. It’s part of life but it’s unchartered territory for me and I would be lying to myself and you if I didn’t admit that it’s a real moment of reflection. 

-Our political situation in the United States definitely creates anxiety and stress, to say the least. I try my best to keep my head above water, try to make an impact where I can and passionately support important causes with money and time. But then I read the cover of the Washington Post and I shake my head in disbelief. Another day. 

To fight the funk, I’ve been working out every day. Meditating every day. Working at work. And spending time with the family. I can feel the heaviness starting to move on and so I’m back here writing on my personal blog. 

I started this blog to share things I care about. Work, family, music, photos, and opinions. So I’m going to keep doing that. 

Thanks for listening.