There are seemingly countless vital issues as a result of a Trump White House with education, the environment, and civil rights.

But today I want to talk about two things: healthcare and immigration. I believe these two topics are connected and represent a choice we need to make as a nation. 

First, let’s talk about immigration. It wasn’t long ago when Republican leadership were on the record and opposed to a Muslim ban (here and here).

Yet, post-election we have the GOP leadership support the Muslim ban along with extreme hateful rhetoric. 

Thankfully the courts have remained vigilant and have ruled against the White House ban twice.

Now let’s consider the healthcare debate. The GOP wants to cut taxes for the wealthy, cut Medicaid and increase costs for those that need it the most

In my heart, there is a strong and deep connective tissue between immigration and health care. What kind of nation do we want? Do we want a nation that doesn’t care about humanity and doesn’t care about those that are hungry, sick and in danger? 

Or do we want a country that shows mercy, A country that shows compassion for all people and especially for those that need it the most? 

I’ll end this post with a short video from Congressman Joe Kennedy III in response to Speaker Ryan’s description of the repeal bill. 

It’s spot on.