CrowdRise + GoFundMe

“We only have two rules at CrowdRise. No yawning and no sorries”

That was one of the earliest things the CrowdRise CEO and cofounder Robert Wolfe said to me in response to my question, “sorry, can I ask you a dumb question?”

In many ways that captures the attitude and spirit of the company that Robert and his other cofounders Jeffrey Wolfe, Edward Norton and Shauna Robertson built. And when you combine that spirit with a company on a mission to help people, non profits and charities, well you get something truly inspiring.

Today is a big day for CrowdRise. After a successful seven year run,the company signed a merger agreement with GoFundMe yesterday. The combination is an exciting one — both organizations have a shared mission, values and purpose.

In many ways CrowdRise feels like family. Jeffrey and Robert are brothers. Edward and Shauna are spouses. Many folks on the team came from the Wolfe’s previous company. My fellow board member Fred Wilson is a dear friend for over ten years (and I am especially grateful to him for introducing me to the company). The bond within this company is quite special and I am happy to see such a great outcome.

Thank you to the CrowdRise founders and team. And congratulations, it’s going to be exciting to watch.