To Thailand and Cambodia

Ever since our trip to Nicaragua last year, Lauren and I have been thinking about another trip to a place we haven’t been. A place that wouldn’t feel familiar.

This summer we did a bunch of research we decided on a December trip to Thailand and Cambodia with the kids.

So we left Boston Friday night and flew some 13 hours to our layover in Dubai. By the time we arrived in Dubai it was already dark outside so I couldn’t see much of the surrounding countryside as the plane approached the airport.

The Dubai airport is quite possibly the cleanest and newest airport I have ever experienced.

We had a quick dinner and then caught our flight to Bangkok. It’s approximately 6 hours from Dubai to Bangkok. I should probably be sleeping on this flight right now but I am too excited — although my head feels quite woozy at the moment. We are due to arrive mid morning Sunday local time.

I feel like work life and personal life has been a blur since Labor Day. Our oldest is a senior in high school and just finished sending in all of her college applications. Our middle child just started her freshman year in a new high school. And the little guy, who isn’t so little anymore, has had a busy schedule of his own.

So this vacation is here and all of us are terribly excited. The trip is a mix of urban, jungle and beach. I am shooting film on this trip so aside from a few iPhone snaps on Twitter I won’t have any photos to share until I return. But I will try to keep a daily journal of our trip on this blog.

Each of my daughters brought more cameras than me. That is a first and a proud moment for their photographer pappa.