Some brief thoughts on iOS 10 and Watch OS 3

Apple released two major operating system updates yesterday, iOS 10 for iPhone and Watch OS 3 for Apple Watch. 

Initial thoughts, in no particular order.

1. It’s a little thing but absolutely love the rise to wake iPhone feature. 

2. I never used widgets before, now I do. My favorite ones are Carrot Weather and Swarm.

3. The “clear all notifications” with 3D touch is so nice.

4. Apple Mail got an updated design. I think I like the previous design better.

5. Apple ditched the slide to unlock feature and you can’t do a single TouchID to get to home screen. But there is an easy way to get back to the earlier way of doing this. Whew. 

6. iMessage got a huge set of new features. Stickers, integrated animated GIFs and third party application support and extensibility. Fun, great and useful, in that order. 

7. I love my Apple Watch (now) thanks to Watch OS 3. Just put your favorite apps in the new dock and everything feels so fast. This was the experience I was waiting for. 

8. Control center got a meaty update in form and function. Long overdue and well done. I particularly love the improved audio control on the second screen.  

9. Apple Maps has been improved and looks so good — really puts Google Maps to shame from a design standpoint. But is the data trust worthy yet?

10. One of the most promising things about iOS 10 is Siri integration with third party developers. So far it’s limited to a handful of developers. But the list is growing and I’m super excited about that. 

What are your favorite things about iOS 10. Send me a tweet @bijan